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MagicScroll®, since 1994

The world's first prompting software for Macintosh, MagicScroll® has prompted talent around the world for over 25 years. Easy to use, powerful and reliable, MagicScroll is the professional's tool for teleprompting on Mac OS X. Version 6 Now available on the App Store

MagicScroll features

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From bookmarks, to script Queue, MagicScroll provides specialized tools for the prompting industry.

List of Features and Tools

Ease of Use

Prompting software, like any well designed software, should be intuitive to use. With MagicScroll, if you know the basics of how to use a mouse and the Macintosh, you can be up and prompting in minutes.

  • Point and Click Ease-of-Use
      The icon driven, interactive control panel is all you need to access all of MagicScroll's functions and features.

  • Cut, Paste and Copy of text
      Making changes to your script is easy and fast. Simply select the text to change, then cut it, copy it or paste in the changes.

  • Find & Replace
      Easily and quickly locate places in your script and save you time when making changes.

  • Supports Dark Mode
      In Mac OS Mojave's Dark mode, our tools, text and windows adjust to make for a less bright (back stage) footprint.

  • Automatic Spell Check
      Set your preferences to either automatically correct as you type, or to check the script when you're ready.

  • Voice Dictation
      After installing the MacOS dictation module, you'll be able to speak changes... or an entire script into your file.

Simple File and Queue Management

Script files are opened in MagicScroll just like any other document on your Macintosh. Open a document... and start scrolling! We can open ".txt" and ".rtf" files natively. If you have a document created in another app, like Word, you can just open it, and then copy & paste it into a new MagicScroll document.

  • Multiple Open Scripts
      MagicScroll has the ability to open several documents at a time. Easily edit or scroll one script and then switch to another in the time it takes to finish reading this.

  • Script Cueing and Ordering
      Permits easy viewing and navigating to all open scripts. You can link and order scripts/windows to scroll continuously from one script to the next on large productions. You also can see Estimated Running Times for all open scripts.

  • Saveable Script Queues
      For larger productions, or prompting music productions with a file for each song, you can now name, save and recall "set lists" that will open all the files of the cue, and order them to the saved version.

Great Looking Prompter Text

The ultimate goal of good prompting is to help make your speaker feel comfortable and confident with their presentation. MagicScroll's easy to read text and ultra-smooth scrolling help keep your talent focused on the message rather than on the challenge of reading.

  • Smooth Scrolling
      There's no smoother scrolling text in the world of Mac Prompting software than MagicScroll. Using the latest in OpenGL technology, our highly tuned scrolling engine delivers live-rendered smooth text at nearly all speeds and sizes. Your mouse, trackball, trackpad or any USB controller device operates the slider that smoothly scrolls the video output of the script forward and backward.

  • Choice of Font Styles and Sizes
      Adjustable in one point increments up to 256 points, you'll find the exaxt size text that works best for your talent. You can also mix and match sizes in a document!

  • Text Styling
      Highlight text in Bold, Italics or Underlines to highlight words or phrases and aid in your speaker's delivery.

  • Color Text
      Use color to highlight words or sections to help differentiate talent and stage cues, or remind to your talent to emphasize key messages.

  • Inverse Text
      Easily output black/colored text on a white background, or white/colored text on a black background.

Prompter specific tools

Prompting sofware isn't just about making the words scroll smoothly for talent... it's also about helping your production move along quickly. We've added several tools that aid the prompter operator in making changes, navigating long files and ultimately, creating a great prompting experience for talent and crew.

  • Moveable Cue Pointer
      Adjust the arrow up or down to indicate where text should be when scrolling, helping the talent and the operator keep their places in the script.

  • Bookmarks
      Unlimited Bookmarks make getting around your script as easy as clicking the mouse. Each bookmark can be named for quick reference and all bookmarks are saved with each document.

  • Paperclips
      Quick reference points that can be set while scrolling and referred to at the end of a take.

  • Stopwatch
      Allows you to time your takes or rehearsals.

  • Looping
      Allows continual repeating of part or all of your script.

  • Reverse horizontal/vertical scan for image "flipping"
      This is a critical feature if your prompter hardware doesn't have options for flipping the image vertically or horizontally. With MagicScroll, you can change the 'output' to reverse scan, while the operator's screen still views the text 'normally.'

  • Supports SideCar in macOS Catalina
      With SideCar built into the macOS, you can scroll WIRELESSLY to a connected iPad. Scrolling is smooth and completely in sync.

Take a Video tour!

Enjoy this overview of the features and functionality of MagicScroll

Great prompting lies ahead...

Whether you're an in-house production company, a student producing a low budget film for school, or an internationally famous touring rock band, MagicScroll has the ease of use, the features, and the affordability to be your choice for great prompting.

  • MagicScroll 6.2 and later is compatible with OS X 11 through 14 (Big Sur through Sonoma)
  • Mac with discreet video card recommended for optimum scrolling performarnce. Most Intel based MacBook Pro 15" models provide this, while, most 13" models do NOT. The 13" M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have high speed graphics cards and we DO recommend them for MagicScroll.
  • MagicScroll priced at $199.99 and is available from the macOS App store

Message from the Designer

Creating powerful prompting since the '90s

Since the introduction of Version 1, MagicScroll has continuously evolved as we moved through versions 2, 3, 4, 5 and now the introduction of MagicScroll Version 6 for Mac OS X, designed for the latest versions of both the Macintosh line of computers and the Mac operating system.

image Integrating customer feedback, and our own experience using MagicScroll in our rental business, we have selectively added features while increasing performance and ease-of-use. A novice with basic Mac skills can still easily operate MagicScroll, while a more dedicated professional will find new functionality that will help him/her achieve excellence in the field of teleprompting.

Our previous version (5.1.3) has been a workhorse for many years. But as Apple issued refinements to the OS, slowly things began to break, and our dedicated users requested an update to their favorite prompting system. Some users even tried other brands, but kept reminding us how MagicScroll is so much better and easier to use.

Our focus over the development of Version 6 was to maintain our famed ease of use and to ensure a reliable app. We didn’t go crazy on adding features, though a few new ones have made it into this version.

Over the course of 3 years, Version 6 faced many technical challenges as we re-wrote the code from the ground up. We’ve met those challenges, and now have a solid, simple-to-use, powerful solution for Macintosh that should keep our users happily prompting for the foreseeable future.

And yet, most of MagicScroll’s features will go unnoticed by the producers and directors who expect the teleprompter to “just work”. But you, as an operator/owner, will know that great teleprompting can and does happen. I hope that MagicScroll helps you achieve that greatness.

Thank you for considering MagicScroll as your prompting software solution.

Japji Khalsa President, Magic Teleprompting, Inc.