Terms and Conditions

Payment terms, cancellation, travel and more

Rentals and Services - Terms and Conditions



For new, or out-of-state clients, our terms are COD. Cash, check in advance, or credit card.
We take Visa, MasterCard and American Express to facilitate expedited payment, which will be charged BEFORE show/shoot. We don't ask you to complete a CC authorization form, as our security policies only allow us to take your info over the phone or in person. In either case, we do not write this information down. If there are additional charges after your shoot/show, we'll take your information again.

All other terms are NET 30 cash or check ONLY.

We will never do terms longer than NET 30.

If your company typically has a longer cycle than Net 30, then our terms will be COD, payable by credit card, cash, or check in advance.

Please do NOT wait 30 days and then call us with your credit card info, as our Net 30 terms are extended to our clients in the expectation of payment by check or cash.



All rates, including half days, are based on portal to portal from San Francisco, i.e., we're on the clock when we leave San Francisco and off the clock when we return.

Shows/shoots in San Francisco are not subject to Portal to Portal.Please note that this does NOT mean that travel time is at straight time.

As an example for a full 10 hour day;
If our call is 8am in the Wine Country, we'll be driving - and on the clock - at 6am.
Our operator needs to have returned to San Francisco by 5pm IF there was an hour lunch off-the-clock.
This means they must be driving away from the shoot at 3pm to make it back within 10 hours.



A fed and watered crew is a happy crew. If you PROVIDE lunch, you can give the operator a half hour lunch - which is ON the clock. If you don't provide lunch, then a full hour lunch must be given, and the hour is OFF the clock.



A 100 percent cancellation fee applies for cancellations occurring with one day's notice or less (i.e. cancelling the day before - or the day of - a shoot.)

A 50 percent cancellation fee occurs with two days notice or less. For every day booked beyond the first day, add one day to each of the two above cancellation periods, up to a maximum of FOUR 100% cancellation days! For Example:
- On Friday afternoon you cancel a three day shoot that starts on Monday
- Monday & Tuesday are cancelled with 4 days or less notice, Wednesday is cancelled with 5 days notice.
- Fees would be: two full 100% cancellation days (Monday & Tuesday) and one 50% cancellation day (Wednesday).



If an operator is called for the same client within eight hours of the end of the previous call for the same client, then the operator be in short turnaround. Short turnaround will continue until reset by eight hours off or the end of the final call for the client, whichever is sooner. An operator on short turnaround will be paid at the overtime rate.