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Our People make the difference

Team Players


Choosing the right people

We know the importance - and the challenge - of choosing the team of professionals you assemble for your production. By choosing Magic Teleprompting for your prompter needs, you'll be getting an experienced, skilled, and personable operator that will mesh well with your crew and talent.

Personable and Friendly


A smile goes a long way

The often long hours, close confines and the challenge of creating a great production emphasize the need to choose crew members who work well with others. Personable, yet professional, all of our people understand that a smile goes a long way toward creating a good prompting experience. We know a positive, friendly, attitude can help your talent feel relaxed and confident, and in turn, your client and crew will feel the same.

Skills and Experience


Over 50 years of Combined experience

Magic Teleprompting was the first company in the Bay Area to provide prompting services to the industry. We were also the first to prompt with computers, and the first to not only use, but to create, software for the Macintosh. We thoroughly train our operators in our software and our hardware. And while good training is important, experience in the field teaches the ins and outs of being part of a production team. Between all of us, we have over 50 years of prompting experience to help your production go smoothly.

Special Talent Graph

Spelling Skills 101%
Typing Skills 82%
Pizza 65%
Coffee Snob 61%
Calming Effect 76%